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Frequently Asked Questions

I bought a library, how am I allowed to use this?

First of all, thanks for your support! Our libraries all fall under a straightforward license; you are free to use our sounds in any of your creations and game projects. We kindly ask you not to sell our sounds as standalone products as this is not included in this license. We offer these sounds as a starting point for your own creations.

Do you offer multi-user licenses?

Our licenses are personal and tied to you as our customer. Only through this system we can offer you the best support and ensure the best quality. If you work in an environment where multiple sound designers will be using the sounds from our libraries, please get in touch to obtain a multi-user license. Simply send us an email with the details and amount of users for a quote!

How does a PURE library differ from other libraries?

There are many great libraries out there and we use a lot of them ourselves. However we stumble upon topics or sounds that seem to be underrepresented by the current supply. As game sound designers we feel slight adjustments in formatting will also increase efficiency and allow you to make that deadline faster.

Are you open to suggestions?

By all means, yes! If you have feedback about our products, the way we do business, library ideas or simply want to tell us we’re doing a good job feel free to reach out. Our team will personally respond to your emails and all suggestions are more than welcome.

How will you be using my personal information?

Any personal information you share with us does not leave our company or database. We will not, in any way or form, sell your personal information to third parties and it will also not be used to fill your inbox with offers and discounts. We might ping you occasionally with topics we think are interesting but try to keep this to a minimum.

Do you offer refunds?

Please listen to our demos and carefully read through our file sheets before purchasing one of our products. Since we offer digital products, we generally can’t offer refunds for any products you order with us. In certain situations (e.g. you accidentally order 2 copies of a product) we might offer a refund, but this is decided on an individual basis.